Benjamin Morgan doors are made of high quality, kiln-dried wood materials in accordance with industry standards (FHDA 1-79). All Benjamin-Morgan doors are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards. Benjamin-Morgan doors are warranted for one year from the date of shipment. Care must be exercised by the buyer to ensure the product is not unduly exposed to external forces (excessive moisture, humidity, heat, etc.). Each door is of on-grade material and quality workmanship. Doors are to be free of major defects which would cause the door to be unfit for the ordinary recommended use. If, at the time of delivery, Benjamin-Morgan doors are found to have a defect, written notice must be sent to Benjamin-Morgan Doors within 30 (thirty) days from date of delivery and before distribution. Benjamin-Morgan Doors is not liable for any expenses incurred for transportation, pre-hanging, finishing, etc. of any door that occurred after distribution. An inspection of these doors will be performed by a Benjamin-Morgan authorized representative within 30 (thirty) days. In the event of a defect or failure to conform to this warranty, upon written notice to Benjamin-Morgan Doors, Benjamin-Morgan Doors will either, at its option: repair the door without charge or provide a replacement door without charge if in the same stage of fitting and finish as was originally purchased.


Benjamin-Morgan Doors is not liable for any door, repaired or replaced without their prior written consent. Action on any claim for warp may be deferred for a period of up to 12 (twelve) months from the date of claim to permit conditioning and equalizing to humidity and temperature conditions. Warp shall not be considered a defect unless it exceeds 3/16" in the plane of the door. The warranty against warp does not apply when doors are improperly hung. Natural variations in the color or texture of wood are not considered defects. Panel misalignment or shrinkage is not considered a defect.


Benjamin-Morgan Doors shall not be liable for consequential, indirect or incidental damages. All implied warranties are limited to one year from date of delivery. Door stiles, rails, mullions and panels are warranted for one year after delivery against natural splitting. Splitting, dents, scratches or other damages caused by abuse, rough handling and/or other unnatural force are excluded from this warranty. An occasional problem can arise that is beyond normal manufacturing controls, or is the result of the improper application of finish. Benjamin-Morgan Doors will not be responsible for damages caused by distributors, pre-hangers, retailers, carpenters, etc.


It is the responsibility of the buyer to:


  1. Inspect all doors within 30(thirty) days after delivery.
  2. Keep doors in original packaging prior to distribution.
  3. Repair minor manufacturer imperfections at buyer's location and expense before distribution.
  4. Do not ship any door that appears to contain a manufacturing defect that may include minor splitting, cracking or presence of a substance, such as glue and oil, that might affect the staining/finishing properties. No claim after 30 (thirty) days of delivery is acceptable. In-transit damage that might occur after our delivery to the buyer is not covered.
  5. Store in dry, well ventilated building. Keep doors under cover in wet weather.
  6. Deliver in clean trucks.


In summary, if all the above procedures are followed, Benjamin-Morgan doors should provide years of beauty and performance. Thank you for your purchase of Benjamin-Morgan Doors.